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Bond knitting machine. Incredible Sweater Machine.

Knitting machines have existed in one form or another for several centuries.

This website looks at simple, manual knitting machines that don't need batteries or electricity to operate them.

Some have the advantage over hand knitting in that they can be easier to use for those with arthritic problems and they can also produce knitted items faster.

Of the larger manually operated knitting machines, the Bond knitting machine which dates from the mid-1980s, though no longer manufactured in the UK, has an enduring appeal.

Second-hand Bond knitting machines, accessories and Bond knitting magazines are actively traded on eBay as you will see below:

The Bond Knitting Machine:

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Other, more portable and simple knitting machines come in the form of French knitting spools for creating corded knitting, and knitting looms which can be used to knit in the round or flat pieces for making patchwork-type blankets or other items.

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